Compliance Framework

Kurashiki Kako strictly adheres to business activities honestly and puts organization construction into practice stressing compliance so that we can carry out our social responsibilities.

Statement of Corporate Code of Ethics

Directors and employees of Kurashiki Kako will always act according to the code of ethics described below and the spirit of this code when making decisions and conducting day-to-day business. Through these acts, we will strive to gain an even stronger social trust.

Corporate Ethics

  1. Strictly adhere to laws, company with rules, common sense in a global society and sound common practices.
  2. Fairness and justice
  3. Fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities
  4. Strict performance of individual job responsibilities
  5. Honesty


In order to practice "Corporate Ethics," our directors and employees will act in accordance to the following guidelines.

  1. Adhering to laws, rules, ordinances, as well as rules and regulations established within the company. Determining our own activities, in situations where no specific rules are to be applied, based on the spirit of corporate ethics.
  2. Always being fair to employees, customers and suppliers. Never taking advantage of personal occupational positions to gain or give unfair or inappropriate profit and/or accommodation
  3. Drawing a line between public and private and not taking or making improper use of company assets.
  4. Maintaining confidentiality. Not infringing upon the intellectual property rights of Kurashiki Kako and other companies.
  5. Pursuing people's safety and environment-friendliness for product manufacturing.
  6. Always acting in a responsible manner to pursue sound profits.
  7. Respecting human rights and human dignity
  8. Always reporting truthfully on a timely basis both to internal and external parties.