Vision of Management

'Make good products at reasonable costs to contribute to the advancement of society' This is the mission of Kurashiki Kako.

President's Message


In 1964, Kurashiki Kako was established as "Mazda Parts Industry" in Kurashiki as an affiliate of MAZDA Motor Corporation. In the following year, the company name was changed to "KURASHIKI KAKO CO., LTD." which begins with the name of this city, Kurashiki. We started our business as a company dedicated to producing anti-vibration rubber products by applying the anti-vibration qualities of elastic rubber to develop technologies for automobile parts. In 1970, Kurashiki Kako started the production and sale of anti-vibration and sound-proofing equipment and installations for industrial use. Thanks to the support and cooperation of customers and concerned parties, Kurashiki Kako could celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2014.
In addition to our headquarters and main plant in Kurashiki, we have several more production and business locations in Japan. Furthermore, we have global production and business locations in Thailand, China, Mexico and Korea.

2. 50th Anniversary and 10-year business vision

Kurashiki Kako has established a leading position as an anti-vibration expert, however our history was not always bright. Over our period of 50 years in business, we have been in lengthy challenging business climates particularly after the collapse of economical bubble in Japan a well as the 2008 financial crisis. Using this financial crisis as an impetus for change, everyone in our company paid their best efforts under the slogan "Desperate Kaizen Activities." As a result, Kurashiki Kako was able to enjoy record-high profits during the period from 2013 to 2015, establishing a secure foundation for our future. We could achieve this because of the support and cooperation of our customers and concerned parties, in addition to the efforts of all employees. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for this.
In 2014, the year of our 50th anniversary, Kurashiki Kako announced a 10-year business vision in which we declared that we will be "one of leading excellent companies in Japan by 2023." This excellent company should obviously seek to achieve sales and profit targets, however it should not only be the presence of a company. I believe an excellent company should develop together with its employees in joyfully working for thriving while being trusted by our customers.

3. Characteristics of Kurashiki Kako

  • ・Stable management as a member company of the Mazda group of companies
  • ・Positive mid-career recruiting, including many U-turn employment (employment of people who returned to their hometown).
  • ・Many employees with experience working abroad in our four overseas locations
  • ・Aiming for being a company of diversity. More than ten staff members come from a variety of countries around the world. More than fifty challenged people employed by "Kyosei," a subsidiary of Kurashiki Kako.
  • ・In addition to a regular pension plan, a defined-contribution plan system (DC) is available.
    The premium paid by us is an incentive to employees and provides support for employees after they have retired as the self-contribution rate for the defined-contribution has reached 90%.
  • ・Kurashiki Kako contributes to field of endeavor from the depths of the ocean to the depths of spare with our affluent industrial machinery related product lineup

4. "Adherence and favorite phrases" of president

  • ・Essence, genuine, to begin with, why and why, how come, for what...
  • ・PDCA, hypothesis verification
  • ・Participation of all employees in management, management like a family, development of valuable human resources
  • ・Speedy management, 80% principle

March 25, 2016
President Director
Hitoshi Takeshita

Corporate Creed

Produce good products at reasonable costs to contribute to the advancement of society

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Kurashiki Kako contributes to the prosperity of customers and the development of society by providing high quality products based on our anti-vibration and sound-proofing technologies which are valuable and demanded with the times.
  2. For customer satisfaction, Kurashiki Kako continues to provide customers with products and services which are beyond their expectations.
  3. Kurashiki Kako also provides our employees with the joy of working and affluent lives.
  4. We proactively deal with environmental, safety and recycling issues to fulfill our social responsibilities.