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Seismic Isolation Supplex Bender

Seismic Isolation Supplex Bender

Small Reactive Force and Smooth Adaptation to Complex Displacements of Seismic Isolation Buildings.
Seismic Isolation Supplex Bender Series

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Supplex Bender

Rational Structure Demonstrates Higher Seismic Isolation Performance, Space-saving, Small Reactive Force and High Durability

Seismic Isolation Supplex Bender

  • Extinguishing, integrated hydrant system
  • Cold water, warm water, heating-cooling water, cooling water
  • Oil
Simple application Operating space Cost
  • ・Evaluation # of Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan/Hyo #:10-020, Hyo #:11-016, Hyo #: 14-648
  • ・Evaluation # of Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association/Kihyo #:0017

Pressure balance mechanism

Pressure balance mechanism (balancer) built into the recoilless type produces almost no internal thrust forces, accordingly, this type cause almost no loads in the support fixing part. This controls the change in volume inside of the joint which happens during operation. The water in the balancer is replaced with running water.

Highly rigid and durable

This is a rigid and durable structure combined with ductile cast iron, bronze and stainless steel.

High flexibility

Because of the ball shape, the maximum range of motion is 25 degrees.

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Supplex Bender VP

Utilizing the excellent properties of PVC materials, a great improvement in construction processes is achieved.

Supplex Bender VP

  • Drain, sewage
  • Special drainage
  • Rain water, ventilation
Simple application Operating space Cost

Direct connection to PVC tubes

Because of the low reactive force, the direct connection of PCB tubes before and after the joint is made possible. This no longer requires welded SGP tubes, which were necessary before, allowing for large savings in construction costs.

Great improvement of workability

As a low reactive force is achieved, fixing frames can be simplified greatly, compared with conventional seismic rubber isolation joints for drain pipes. This will greatly improve the application processes.

High durability

The material of the main unit is rigid PVC which has a high degree of durability.

Chemical resistance

The parts of benders for special drainage which come into contact with fluids are made of rigid PVC PTFE, and thus can be used for almost any fluid.
This is most suitable for use in special sewage systems such as those in semi-conductor and chemical plants.

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