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GHP Anti-vibration Frame for Air Conditioner

GHP Anti-vibration Frame for Air Conditioner

Preventing Large Low-frequency Vibration when Starting and Stopping Air Conditioners

A gas engine compressor causes large vibration when starting and stopping due to large low frequency exciting force.

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Example of installation

  • ・Major gas companies and GHP manufacturers recommend our anti-vibration frame.
  • ・Each GHP manufacturer tested our anti-vibration frames using actual machines and sufficient anti-vibration performance was confirmed.
  • ・To prevent gas pipes from being damaged by the oscillation resulting from starting and stopping of machines, an oscillation stopper is installed as standard equipment.
  • ・The position of the isolator is set previously, leveling in the horizontal direction is almost not necessary.
  • ・Satisfactory for designed seismic intensity of 2.0G