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Anti-vibration Frame for an Air Handling Unit

Anti-vibration Frame for an Air Handling Unit

Possible to Select an Isolator Base on the Anti-vibration Performance.

The vibration source of an air handling unit is a blower. Large blowers have large excitation forces in the low-speed range, and thus a structure-borne noise occurs together with noticeable vibration combined by the noise of duct.

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Example of installation

  • ・Possible to select an isolator which satisfies required anti-vibration performance.
  • ・Possible to manufacture a separate type anti-vibration frame which satisfies the transportation requirements of equipment to be installed.
  • ・Dew condensation countermeasure (with HB type canvas): This prevents dew condensation by completely blocking the outside air and clamps completely using a resin canvas clamp plate and an airtight resin cover. Weight-saving using dedicated shaped steel.