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Hanging suspensions

Hanging suspensions

Application when Suspending Piping Ducts, Machines and Equipment from Ceiling

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  • Highly Suitable for Anti-vibration of Suspended Pipes and Ducts

    Hanging suspensions RF type and KF type are suitable for applications when hanging pips, ducts, machines and equipment from ceiling

    Good Mounting Workability

    Simple mounting. These can be used widely from light-duty and heavy-duty applications. The RF type is an integration of an anti-vibration rubber mount and a hanger, therefore, mounting procedures can be improved drastically.

    Sufficient Anti-vibration Effect

    This rubber mount demonstrates effective anti-vibration for vibrations over 15 Hz. Using two anti-vibration mounts together will achieve lower natural frequency, therefore allowing insulation of any vibration of 10 Hz or lower.

    Possible to Use Individually

    It is possible to use the KF type on its own as a hanging anti-vibration rubber mount for suspending equipment.

  • RF type

    • *We accept special orders for outdoor heavy-duty anti-corrosive products (hot dip galvanized hangers, stainless steel anti-vibration rubber plates) if the size of order is larger than the minimum lot size. (Example of prod. #: RF-22S-ZC) (hot dip galvanized type is not RoHS certified)
    • *RF-100HS, RF-100HD, RF-120S and RF-120D are not integrated types.
    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound and the compound hardness is 60 (RF-100HS, RF-100HD, RF-120S and RF-120D are 70).

    KF type

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound and the compound hardness is 60 (KF-100 (70), KF-120 70).
  • RF type & KF type

    • ・Air conditioning equipment
    • ・Package A/C
    • ・Fan coil unit
    • ・Ventilation equipment
    • ・Pump
    • ・Blower
    • ・Duct
    • ・Hanging suspensions for other equipment