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Trende Bushing, Rubber Bushing, Rubber Packing

Trende Bushing, Rubber Bushing, Packing

Simplified Anti-vibration Means for Hanging Suspension Equipment

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    • ・Trende bushing and rubber bushing enable effective suspension of anti-vibration by combining with rubber packing.
    • ・While maintaining anti-vibration performance and functions equivalent to the rubber bushing, a simple function yet hard to remove is added to the trende bushing.
    • ・Attach washers to the trende bushing and the rubber bushing.
    • ・The rubber is weather-resistant synthetic and the surfaces of washers are stainless steel ideal for rust prevention.
  • Installation drawing

    Trende Bushing

    Rubber bushing

    Outline drawing

    • *There are no official standards for hanging strengths or evaluation procedures prescribed or established.
      Use of this bushing does not assure the function to prevent dropping since this function is greatly influenced by the shape and strength of brackets and hanging height which is one of construction factors.
    • *Please note that depending on the shape of bracket mounted on the equipment side, installation may not be possible.
    • *We ask customers to prepare bolts, nuts and washers.
    • ・Ceiling built-in cassette unit
    • ・Ceiling built-in unit
    • ・Think duct type unit
    • ・Ceiling built-in duct unit
    • ・Heat exchanging ventilation systems

    Simple anti-vibration systems as shown above.