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PSB type Air Spring

PSB type Air Spring

Excellent Anti-vibration and Sound-proofing Performance Unique to Air Springs of Low Natural Frequency

The PSB type air spring is called the ""bellows"" type air spring and is generally used for industrial machinery.
In addition to excellent anti-vibration performance, it has many other features, therefore, it is widely used for anti-vibration and vibration isolation purposes, as well as as an actuator.

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    Use for Anti-vibration and Vibration Isolation

    Excellent Anti-vibration Performance

    A low natural frequency, and thus a satisfactory anti-vibration result can be achieved.

    Wide Load Range

    This is suitable for use with a wide range of loads just by changing the internal pressure. The natural frequency (anti-vibration performance) is almost constant.

    Excellent Sound Proofing

    There are no surge effects as often seen with coil springs, therefore, it can insulate high-frequency vibrations to achieve satisfactory sound-proofing performance.

    Enhancement of Anti-vibration Performance

    Use of an auxiliary tank will assure even lower spring constant.

    Damping Force of Air

    The air damping force can be utilized by installing a throttle within the flow route between the auxiliary tank and the air spring.

    To Maintain the Height Constant (Option: L type and F type)

    By using it together with a leveling valve (automatic height control valve), the height can be held constant in spite of changes in the load supported.

    Usage of Actuator

    Low Mounting Height and Compact

    A compact actuator with low mounting height can be designed even with a large load and stroke.

    Greasing or Maintenance free

    Since it has no sliding parts, the actuator does not require greasing or maintenance.

  • PSB Type Air Spring (without a mounting plate)

    PSB Type Air Spring (with a mount plate, upper piping)

    PSB Type Air Spring (with a mount plate, lateral piping)


    Precautions for use

    • 1.It is strictly prohibited to feed air unless the air spring is loaded (load is applied).
      Otherwise, the air spring could be damaged.
    • 2.Be sure to release the air from the air spring when removing it from the equipment or relocating.
      Removing or relocation without releasing air could damage the air spring.
    • 3.Be sure not to damage the bellows when installing or using an air spring.
      If there is a risk of contact with foreign materials, be sure to install a protective cover.
    • 4.If the it is used for anti-vibration purposes, use the air spring at an internal pressure of 0.5MPa or lower. When it is used for an actuator, set the pressure appropriately so that it will be 0.7MPa or lower.
      (Provided however, it is within the possible range of service pressure in dimension tables and characteristics graphs of respective products)
    • 5.Use it in an ambient temperature between -20℃ and 60℃. Note however, that the life of the air spring could be slightly shorter if it is used in ambient temperatures exceeding 40℃.
    • 6.Pay attention to avoid acid, alkali, organic solvent and lubricant adhering to the air spring.
      If these adhere to the air spring, wash it immediately.
    • 7.Do not weld the metal parts of the air spring.
      The bellows of the air spring could be damaged by heat or sparks and cause breakage.
    • 8.Change the rubber bellows immediately if there is a scratch which reaches the reinforcement cord or occurrence of abnormal swelling.

    Dimensions & Characteristics 1

    The solid lines shown in each graph are lines that connect points of identical pressure (while the pressure is maintained at the same level, the height of air springs is changed and then the load capacities are checked), therefore these solid lines do not represent "spring constants."

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 1

    Dimensions & Characteristics 2

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 2

    Dimensions & Characteristics 3

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 3

    Dimensions & Characteristics 4

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 4

    Dimensions & Characteristics 5

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 5

    Dimensions & Characteristics 6

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 6

    Dimensions & Characteristics 7

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 7

    Dimensions & Characteristics 8

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 8

    Dimensions & Characteristics 9

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 9

    Dimensions & Characteristics 10

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 10

    Dimensions & Characteristics 11

    The PSB type air spring Dimensions & Characteristics 11

    • ・Anti-vibration for industrial machinery

      Vibration sieve, vibration conveyor, concrete block machine, concrete product manufacturing machine, washing machine for industrial use, centrifugal machine, compressor, vacuum pump, high-speed press machine

      • *When using air springs for these machines, particularly for applications which are not proven, use additional weights, dampers, stoppers and/or guides as needed to find the optimal combination to balance the anti-vibration effect and machine oscillation at a high level through trial and error.
    • ・Vibration isolation for precision instruments

      Exposure equipment, electronic microscope, 3D CMM, laser related esters, LC inspection machines

    • ・Actuator

      Lifter, clamp belt tension adjustment, roll squeezing pressure adjustment, game machine for riding, brake of roller coaster