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PSD type Air Spring

PSD type Air Spring

A Structure with A Rubber Diaphragm Exhibits Excellent Anti-vibration Performance

PSD type air spring is a unique air spring with a rubber diaphragm in the cylindrical metal body, demonstrating excellent anti-vibration performance.
The product is low height and easy to use. Installation and maintenance are also easy.

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  • Excellent Anti-vibration Performance

    When maximum load is applied, the natural frequency will be between 3 and 4 Hz, therefore, anti-vibration performance similar to that of PSB type air spring will be exerted.

    Excellent Sound Proofing

    There are no surge effects as seen with coil springs, therefore, satisfactory sound-proofing performance can be expected.

    Damping Performance of Rubber

    The rubber layer is relatively thick, and damping performance of the rubber itself also comes into effect.

    Highly Safe

    The lateral face is made of metal, and it is highly safe even if there is an accidental contact.

    Low Product Height

    The height is designed to be 90 mm and common for all products.
    Because of this height, the height of equipment can be kept low and is also possible to use different sizes together.

    Easy Height Adjustment

    This is an air-tight type. Its main unit is fitted with (automobile) tire valves to seal in air. It is easy to feed air using the separately sold air chuck (air sealing tool).
    The air can be released easily by pressing the tire valve core, allowing for an easy level adjustment.

    Easy Mounting and Maintenance

    An internal stopper supports equipment even if there is no air filled inside. Mounting and maintenance are easy.

    • *F is the distance to the stopper when used at standard height (reference).

    • *Anchor bolts are not included.
    • ・Anti-vibration for industrial machinery

      Air compressor, blower, freezer, electric generator, pneumatic pressure, transformer, other machines and equipment.

      • *Air springs can generally be used for the above-mentioned machines and equipment, however note that these may not be suitable for all such equipment, under all possible operating conditions. Please check the precautions of use before using. Additional weights, dampers, or stoppers may be required in some cases.
    • ・Vibration isolation for precision instruments

      Balance, surface roundness meter, circularity meter, 3D CMM, other precision measuring instruments and testers.