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Compo Mounts (for anti-vibration)

Compo Mounts (for anti-vibration)

Hybrid Mounts in Combination with "Coil Springs" and an Original Damping Mechanism

Highly advanced hybrid mounts in which sophisticated design of compact bodies, coil springs and original damping mechanism [HANENDE HDR*] have been combined.

*HANENDE: The general name for high damping materials and a group of products invented by Kurashiki Kako.
HDR: High Damping Rubber

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  • Major

  • Excellent Anti-vibration Performance

    Optimum design has achieved excellent anti-vibration performance both in the vertical and the horizontal directions.

    Damping Performance Mitigates Oscillation

    The damping mechanism suppresses the resonance scale factor without effects on the anti-vibration performance while accelerating convergence of oscillation.


    • ・Easy to handle
    • ・Air source not necessary
    • ・Maintenance free
  • List of Specifications and Performance

    Leveling Adjustment Procedure

    • ・General machines and equipment

      (Note: Do not use the compo mounts directly on the machines which generate large impact and/or vibrations)

    • ・Anti-vibration floating floor structure

      Floors of sport gyms and studios, floors on which machines are installed