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KUB Urethane Form Shock Absorber

KUB Urethane Form Shock Damper

A Shock Cushioning Material which Demonstrates High Shock Absorbing Performance

Hi-Buffer KUB is a shock cushioning material composed of urethane-form elastomer.
The urethane form elastomer has a unique bubble structure which could greatly fluctuate its shape, therefore, a low impact force has been demonstrated while showing a high energy absorption capability.

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  • High Cushioning Performance

    This bubble structure exhibits a deflection rate two times than that of the normal elastomer. Due to this, it is possible for hi-buffer to reduce collision energy using a large stroke and to relax an impact force low.

    Low Lateral Swelling

    When a urethane form is compressed, the internal bubbles are also compressed, therefore, the lateral side protrusion of the cushioning material can be minimized. When the compression rate is 70%, the increase of external contour is approximately 30%, which is approximately 1/3 of the natural rubber.

    • *Painting: Urethane paint, Standard color: Munsell 2.5YR3/8 (In the case of custom orders, please specify the color number based on the standard paint color samples of Japan Paint Manufacturers Association)
    • *The product numbers of the safety nets are indicated by "N" at the end of each product number of KUB products. Please order together with the main unit (i.e.: KUB-315-5N)