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Large Hi-mount

Large Hi-mount

Heavy-duty Hi-mount

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  • Major

    • ・Excellent in prevention of vibration and shocks
    • ・This structure allows machines to stay still just by setting them on the mounts.
    • ・Easy to mount
    • ・Flexibility in layout changes
    • ・Oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber is used.
    • ・Metalworking machinery

      Press machines (small and medium sizes), shearing machine, bender, forging press machine, etc.

    • ・Machine tools

      Lathe, milling machine, shaping machine, grinder, drilling machine, hobbing machine, slotter, automatic sawing machine, electrical discharge machine, etc.

    • ・Industrial machinery

      Injection molding machine, roller, crusher, printing press, food processing machinery, wire rod milling machine, packaging machine, various single-purpose machines, etc.