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High-Wedges HW

High-Wedges HW

The Unique Wedge Mechanism Achieves Low-torque and High-precision Leveling.
In addition, High Rigidity is Achieved to Resolve Resonance in the Low Frequency Range.

This is the standard type high-wedge suitable for applications with medium to large sized machines.
Maximum support load:34~100kN

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  • Wedge Mechanism: PAT. #4583960)

    Use of gentle double-faced inclining wedge structure made possible a large upward force using just a small torque.

    HDR High Damping Rubber

    A newly developed HDR with excellent damping properties has been used to accelerate convergence of self-exciting vibrations, while demonstrating high surface pressure and excellent creeping performance to make long-lasting stability possible.It is also excellent in oil resistance and nonmigration of colors.

    Level Adjustment Bolts

    By utilizing a unique structure in which the bolt head does not move when adjusting the level, both operability and operational safety improved.

    Stabilizer Mechanism

    This stabilizer works appropriately if the floor slope is up to ±3°, therefore, a highly stable and safe working environment can be achieved.

    Bolt Hole for Fixing

    There is a hole for a bolt to fix a machine and the Hi-Wedge.

    • ・FDP manufacturing process instrument
    • ・Semi-conductor manufacturing process instrument
    • ・Precision metalworking machinery
    • ・Large machine and instrument installed in a clean room
    • ・Large precision measuring instrument