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Circular Anti-vibration Rubber Mounts

Circular Anti-vibration Rubber Mounts

These circular anti-vibration rubber mounts are the most basic anti-vibration rubber mounts.

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  • Simple structure and Reasonable Price

    Simple structure and easy to mount

    Only a small space is required for mounting.

    It is small yet a relatively high spring constant can be expected, allowing for support of large articles.

    Multiple Methods of Support are Possible

    In addition to compression and shearing directions, it can also be used in a slant direction if appropriately installed. A wide range of applications can be expected.

    Easy to Fit with Customized Parts.

    Changes in rubber hardness and material types are also possible if the quantity ordered exceeds a certain level.

  • *KA type is provided with 2 hexagonal nuts and 2 spring washers. KB type comes with one of each.

    *The elastomer is natural rubber and the spring hardness is 60.
    *Provided that KA-8 and KA-10 are natural rubber and the hardness spring 45. KA (KB)-80 and KA (KB)-100 are natural rubber and the hardness spring 62.

    • ・Pump
    • ・Blower
    • ・Engine
    • ・Electric generator
    • ・Motor
    • ・Compressor, and more