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Light equipment anti-vibration rubber mounts KXA/KXB series

Light equipment anti-vibration rubber mounts KXA/KXB series

Low Rubber Hardness, 15° is Achieved. This is Most Suitable for Anti-vibration and Vibration Isolation of Light-load Equipment.

Compared with conventional anti-vibration rubber mounts, the light-duty anti-vibration rubber mounts, KXA/KXB, have extremely low rubber hardness. By achieving 15° rubber hardness, vibration isolation and anti-vibration of light-load equipment, with support loads between 0.7 kgf and 3 kgf, can be optimized.

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    • ・Simple structure and easy to mount.
    • ・The fixture is serrated to function as a stopper. The structure prevents distortion when mounting.
    • ・This even provides light-load equipment with the optimum vibration prevention support.
    • *KXA type is provided with 2 hexagonal nuts and 2 SUS spring washers.
    • *KXB type is provided with 1 hexagonal nut and 1 SUS spring washer.

    • *Please use these only in the compression directions. Install these appropriately so that they will be horizontal to the mount face.
    • *These are serrated to function as a stopper. Please mount them appropriately to prevent distortion.
    • *Use them in an ambient temperature between -30°C and 50°C.
    • *Avoid using them in the water or in places where oil could splash.
    • ・Vibration isolation for control cabinets and controllers
    • ・Vibration isolation for small pumps, fans, motors and compressors
    • ・Anti-vibration and vibration isolation for other light-load equipment