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Foot Mount

Foot Mount

Most Suitable for Installation of Small Equipment as Foot Mounts Can be Used Without Anchoring

It is not necessary to anchor the foot mounts KN onto the floor. They can be used just by placing them on the floor, and they are suitable for installation of small equipment.

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  • Sufficient Anti-vibration and Noise-insulation Effect

    Compared with other similarly shaped circular anti-vibration rubber mounts, the spring constant of this rubber mount is smaller, therefore, providing better vibration and sound insulation.

    Stable Installation

    The faces in contact with the floor have a distinctive pattern suitable for installation stability.

    No Anchorage Needed

    Anchor bolts are not necessary. These rubber mounts can be used just by placing them on the floor, therefore, layout can be changed easily.

    • *Each is provided with 1 hexagonal nut and 1 spring washer.
    • *The elastomer is chloroprene rubber compound and the compound hardness is 45.
    • ・Part feeder
    • ・Office machines
    • ・Precision machines
    • ・Measuring instruments
    • ・Electronic machines
    • ・Instrument panels
    • ・Optical instruments
    • ・Computing machines
    • ・Hardness meters
    • ・Testers
    • ・Measuring machines and others