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M-shaped Anti-vibration Rubber Mount

M-shaped Anti-vibration Rubber Mount

For Machine Support, Excellent at Stability in the Horizontal Direction

These rubber mounts are vertically flexible and demonstrate good horizontal stability as supports for machines which operate steadily at a low speed.

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    • ・Compared with circular anti-vibration rubber mounts, its vertical spring constant is small and it demonstrates good horizontal stability. This is suitable for machines which oscillate greatly while rotating at a low speed.
    • ・Appropriate for anti-vibration of low speed equipment
    • ・One side of the mount is narrow, therefore, it can be installed in areas with limited space on one side.
    • *Each is provided with 1 hexagonal nut and 1 spring washer.

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound and the compound hardness is 60.
    • ・Vibration screen
    • ・Vibration conveyor
    • ・Vibration sieve
    • ・Instrument panels
    • ・Freezer
    • ・Compressor