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Saddle-shaped Anti-vibration Rubber Mount

Saddle-shaped Anti-vibration Rubber Mount

Reduction of Low Frequency Vibration Using an Even Smaller Spring Constant

Anti-vibration rubber mounts utilizing deformation from rubber shearing. A spring constant which is soft in the vertical direction and hard in the longitudinal direction can be achieved, allowing for a stable vibration prevention support.

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  • Even Smaller Spring Constant

    This rubber mount assures an even smaller spring constant than circular and M-shaped anti-vibration rubber mounts, therefore, it can assure excellent anti-vibration effects for low frequency excitation forces.

    Appropriate for Anti-vibration of Low Speed Rotation

    High Rigidity in the Longitudinal Direction

    As this rubber mount is rigid in the longitudinal direction, relatively good stability can be achieved when it is used for anti-vibration of equipment which has load moving in the same direction.

    Easy to mount in a small space

    The width of this rubber mount is narrow and the support height is low, it can be mounted in a small space.

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound.
    • ・Vibration screen
    • ・Vibration conveyor
    • ・Compressor
    • ・Blower
    • ・Light-duty engine
    • ・Vacuum pump