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Cup Mount

Cup Mount

Anti-vibration Rubber Mount with an Equal Spring Constant in All Directions

The cup mount is an anti-vibration rubber mount which has an equal spring constant in all directions, therefore, stable vibration prevention is possible for a wide range of equipment.

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  • Equal Spring Constant in Every Direction

    The spring constants are almost identical in vertical, longitudinal and cross directions and a stable anti-vibration effect can be achieved for complicated vibrations.

    Large Rigidity in the Horizontal Direction

    Compared with circular anti-vibration rubber mounts, this type of rubber mounts has larger horizontal rigidity, and thus it is more stable. This is suitable for support of machines which have more excitation forces in the horizontal direction.

    A Structure which Protects Rubber Parts

    The upper part of this rubber mount is covered with metal, therefore, the rubber can be protected from influence of direct sunlight and leaked oil.

    Easy to Mount

    Easy mounting and possible to use just by placing it between the floor and a machine.

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound.
    • ・Pump
    • ・Blower
    • ・Engine generator
    • ・Generator
    • ・Compressor
    • ・Machine tool
    • ・Other general industrial machinery