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Tie Mounts

Tie Mounts

Anti-vibration of Equipment to Which Vertical and Horizontal Loads as well as Large Impact Loads Apply

The tie mount RE is used to prevent vibration of equipment to which vertical and horizontal loads as well as large impact loads apply. In addition, the tie mount demonstrates excellent performance in vibration absorption and endurance.

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  • Most Suitable for Moving Machines

    Suitable for anti-vibration of equipment, including construction machinery, to which vertical and horizontal loads as well as large impact loads apply.

    Simple Structure

    Simple structure and easy to mount

    Satisfactory Anti-vibration Performance

    The tie mount demonstrates excellent performance in anti-vibration in every direction. This is most useful for normal operation of engines.

    Support for Large Load

    The tie mount is mounted after preliminary compression, therefore, a relatively large spring constant can be achieved. Regardless of its size, large loads can be supported.

    High Durability

    As this tie mount is fastened before use, it will be sufficiently durable even if large impact loads are applied throughout its life time.

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound and the standard compound hardness is 45.
    • *The characteristics shown here are the values for a pair of mounts.

    Precautions for use

    • 1. A pair of mounts is used for each application.
      It is the responsibility of customers to prepare the intermediate steel plate T.
    • 2. If the difference of loads at support points is large, it may be necessary to select rubber mounts of other types suitable for each support point.
    • 3. The support mounts can be used either on the main unit side or the vibrating unit side.
    • 4. Install the mounts and fasten them with bolts.
      Be sure to fasten the bolts until the metals inside the mount touch so that the bolts will not become loose during operation.
    • 5. Particularly durable natural rubber materials are used to form the rubber compound. Use them in an ambient temperature between -30°C and 50°C.
      Do not expose the rubber mounts to direct sunlight. Do not allow oils to be applied to the rubber mounts.
    • 6. Please contact us before using these rubber mounts for construction machinery.
    • ・Construction machinery: Engine, cabin, fuel tank, radiator
    • ・Industrial machinery: Engine, electric generator
    • ・Miscellaneous: Engine, electric generator