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Ring Mounts

Ring Mounts

High-performance, Simple Anti-vibration Instruments with Low Constant Natural Frequency and a Wide Load Range

The ring mount RM has a low constant natural frequency in a wide load range and exhibits a great effect for vibration and noise prevention as a high-performance simple anti-vibration instrument.

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  • Major

    • ・A low natural frequency can be achieved.
    • ・Natural frequency is constant across a wide load range.
    • ・Excellent stability
    • ・Lamination is possible.
    • ・Installation is extremely simple.
    • *The number of standard layers is 2 or 3. 1 layer is also possible except for combinations of N.
    • *The natural frequency of layer N is 2 layer natural frequency ×√2/n. For floors, please order the long made-to-order product with the bolt length l.
      (Made-to-order production)

    • *In the case of B, each is provided with 1 hexagonal nut and 1 spring washer. *The elastomer is natural rubber compound and the compound hardness is 50.
    • ・Compressor
    • ・Pump
    • ・Blower
    • ・Transformer
    • ・Lighter machines and equipment
    • ・Office equipment
    • ・Measuring instruments
    • ・Balance
    • ・Gym
    • ・Judo hall, etc.