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Kura Tight

Kura Tight

Rubber Elasticity Protects Equipment from Vibration and Shocks

The rubber elasticity of Kura tight protects equipment from vibration and shocks. It also reduces vibration transmitted from motors and fans, and prevents solid born sounds generated from panels and covers.

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  • Major

    • ・The elastic structure absorbs vibration and shocks and reduces generation of solid born sounds.
    • ・Manpower can be saved.
    • ・Easy to tighten using a screwdriver as it is not necessary to fix the nut side.
    • ・Has excellent liquid and gas sealing properties.
    • *The minimum lot for sale is 100 pieces.

    How to use

    There are two main usages of Kura tight, simple fixation of equipment and vibration insulation.
    The same fastening process is applied in both cases. Insert a Kura tight from one side of the specified lower hole. When the screw, is tightened the rubber sleeve expands to make fastening easier. Due to a self-fastening function of Kura tight, it works as a lock washer. Therefore, lock nuts are not necessary.

    • ・Fixation of CRT (cathode-ray tube) and display
    • ・Fixation of cooling fan for OA equipment
    • ・Fixation of pulse motor
    • ・Fixation of instrument panel
    • ・Fixation of part which develops electric corrosion
    • ・Fixation of parts which have different heat expansion rate
    • ・Support of small machines
    • ・Support of pipes, ducts, etc.