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Desktop active vibration isolation frame mini

Desktop active vibration isolation frame mini

Enhanced performance! Displays and designs have been renewed to seek user-friendliness.

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  • 6-Flexibility Active Control

    It is possible to achieve an excellent vibration isolation effect in all frequency ranges without any resonance points by using the 6-flexible active control system.

    LCD monitor included as standard equipment

    Indication of suspended acceleration time waveform.
    Indication of suspended acceleration spectrum.

    Possible to use in the clean room

    This does not contaminate the air in the clean area.
    Air is not used.

    Auto leveling & Clamping

    Just press buttons for automatic leveling and fixing during transportation.

    USB Communication

    Through USB communication, the state of vibration can be monitored and clamping can be remote-controlled.

    • *The maximum loading weight shows the max weight for a balanced load.
    • ・SPM
    • ・AFM
    • ・Laser microscope
    • ・Electronic balance
    • ・Microhardness meter
    • ・Laser interferometer
    • ・White interferometer
    • ・Surface roughness meter
    • ・Desktop SEM
    • ・Hard disc manufacturing equipment
    • ・Micro manipulator
    • ・Other precision equipment