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AS series Sound-proof boxes

AS series Sound-proof boxes

This maintains optimum conditions in the area for experiment and study by reducing sound and vibration.

A new low frequency sound-proof system has been developed for precision measurement instruments which are necessitated by semi-conductor and opt electronics industries where nano-meter measurement is required. The system shuts out the effects of machine noise.

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  • Reducing influence of noise

    While providing vibration isolation advantages, the combination of a sound-proof box and vibration isolation frame reduces the influence of noise on measurement accuracy by surrounding the measuring instruments.

    Sound-proof effect in a broad range of frequencies

    This box demonstrates a broad range of noise-proofing capabilities, from low frequencies of 16 Hz to the high frequencies of 8 KHz, even in noisy and/or windy conditions.

    • ・SPM
    • ・AFM
    • ・Laser microscope
    • ・Ultra precision instruments, such as SPM (scanning probe microscope)