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Passive vibration isolation unit

Passive vibration isolation unit

A gimbal piston structure
which achieves high vibration isolation performance in a compact form.

This vibration isolation function utilizes a proven (dome) gimbal piston mechanism and boasts excellent performance in horizontal vibration isolation It has a structure of large tank capacity, therefore, the vibration isolation performance in the vertical direction is also excellent. In addition, the variable orifice function makes it possible to tune and optimize the balance between vibration isolation and vibration dampening.

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  • A varied lineup which improves design flexibility.
    The operating height of 185 mm, is standard across all sizes.

    Excellent Vibration Isolation Performance

    A low natural frequency is achieved in both vertical and horizontal directions.

    With a Variable Orifice Function

    In addition, it is possible to tune and optimize the balance between vibration isolation and vibration dampening.

    Adherence to a pleasant environment (utilizing a clean room)

    Use of centralized ventilation valve. Work in a clean environment. A limited amount of dust because there is no metal contact when the unit is not in operation.

    With precision leveling valves (optional)

    With precision leveling valves (optional)

    Leveling accuracy between ±0.05 and 0.1mm

    Several Body Colors Available (optional)

    You can choose from whichever you like. Please contact us for our color selection. (Select from ivory or blue)

    Support valve system [PAT.P]

    Support valve system [PAT.P] Measuring model

    When isolating vibration of large articles, such as a stage, which involves a large movement of gravity center, a quick control which enables ventilation of a large amount of air becomes mandatory to level the tilted stage quickly. The support valve system is the system which exemplifies this.

    Support valve system [PAT.P] Result of measurement

  • Passive vibration isolation unit Outline drawing

    • *The spring constant of dome gimbal piston in the horizontal direction is extremely low. Therefore, it may not be possible to use this piston for equipment if it is associated with movement in the gravity center of a loaded instrument with a high center of gravity. Please contact us for consultation.