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Platform vibration isolation frame

Platform vibration isolation frame

High performance vibration isolation frame with a horizontal vibration isolation mechanism for which a platform is uniquely designed in case of large equipment.

Platform is uniquely designed to meet the specifications of equipment to be loaded. This is a semi-made-to-order high performance air spring vibration isolation frame for large and heavy equipment combined with a (dome) gimbal piston isolator.

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  • Gimbal piston standard equipment, suspending and supporting the platform

    This combination achieves the most optimal vertical and horizontal vibration isolation performances without detrimental tertiary resonance points in the horizontal direction, while maintaining outstanding stability.

    Newly developed dome gimbal pistons (factory option)

    The development of dome gimbal piston made possible further enhancement of vibration isolation performance in the horizontal direction.

    Highly rigid and high damping platform

    The special laminated structure provides the platform with high rigidity and an outstanding vibration damping performance.

    With an automatic leveling function

    The platform is promptly maintained at a constant level even when the loaded equipment has changed or load has fluctuated.

    • ・Mask aligner
    • ・Electronic microscope
    • ・3D layout machine
    • ・Probing station
    • ・Scanning probe microscope
    • ・Large equipment such as an NMR spectrum instrument