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Vibration isolation frame with an electromagnetic shield

Vibration isolation frame with an electromagnetic shield

This keeps the area for experiment and study from electromagnetic rays and maintains an optimum condition in the area.

This effectively shields various types of external alternating noise, such as 60Hz and 50Hz, which interrupts recording of bioelectric phenomena.

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    • ・This vibration isolation frame has a structure surrounded by 5 mm matrix copper mesh with stainless steel frames.It demonstrates a damping effect of approximately 40 dB from power supply frequencies.
    • ・This is equipped with a two-stage full open front door, it is, therefore, easy to load and unload instruments and test pieces.
    • ・There is a dedicated window on the side panel for cable installation.
    • ・We offer customers two different types of electromagnetic shields to meet the dimensional requirement for 71 series vibration isolation frames.

    Product number: 71-0806EB/71-1007EB

    • * Should you wish to install the electromagnetic shield after purchasing the 71 series vibration isolation frame, please contact us.
  • 71-0806EB Outline drawing

    71-0806EB Outline drawing

    71-1007EB Outline drawing

    71-1007EB Outline drawing

    • ・Biological experiment, etc.