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Compo Mounts (for vibration isolation)

Compo Mounts (for vibration isolation)

Hybrid mounts in combination with an original damping mechanism [HANENDE SHDR*] and "coil springs."

*HANENDE: The general name for high damping materials and a group of products invented by Kurashiki Kako.
SHDR: Super High Damping Rubber

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  • Enhancement of the vibration isolation performance resulting from synergy between the horizontal natural frequency and the vertical damping

    The natural frequency has been limited to be low in the horizontal direction, so as to further enhance the vibration isolation performance.

    In the vertical direction, we have made it possible to suppress the resonance scale factor using our damping control technology.


    • ・Easy to handle
    • ・Air source not necessary
    • ・Maintenance free


    Adjusting damper (product #: CD-15)

    This is a system in which an original damping mechanism, "HANENDE SHDR" is embedded to adjust the amount of damping.
    It has a function to shorten operation cycle time as it accelerates the convergence of oscillation in the horizontal direction by pressing a part towards the lateral side of a stage supported by Compo Mount.

  • Precautions for use

    • ・In order to bring out the maximum vibration isolation performance for Compo Mount, please use the part at room temperatures in the range of 23±3°C.
    • ・Be sure when setting any machine on the Compo Mount for vibration isolation to do so slowly and quietly. Pay attention not to cause any strong shocks, such as by dropping. To do so, could cause breakage and damage. Pay special attention particularly in low temperature environments.