Creation of new values utilizing our expert's techniques and advanced technologies

We never give up, particularly if the issue is very hard. Our unique production system which assures high reliability

For over 50 years since the establishment of Kurashiki Kako, our products have been used by a number of automobile manufacturers due to our integration of expert engineers and technical innovation which incorporates unique vibration analysis and electronic control technologies which take advantage of IT.
Mr. Hiramatsu, a craftsman who has engaged in service with us for over 10 years, always adheres to the techniques of masters.
Every employee of Kurashiki Kako has a self-driven, enthusiastic passion for the manufacturing of better products.

In 1965, the "Engineering Research Section"" was established. Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing serves as the backbone of "technology of Kurashiki Kako."

"High- mix, low-volume production" is quickly and flexibly actualized within our unique development system.

What Kurashiki Kako excels at is such "high-mix, low-volume production," which caters to customers' specific requirements. We are proud of our high-quality product lineup which is the best in the industry, actualized by our unique development system. We meet customers' expectations with confidence, through the steady supply of products using production locations both in Japan and the rest of the world and a mobility which large companies cannot provide.

We always provide high-quality products from any global manufacturing locations of ours as we have a strong alliance.

Kurashiki Kako has many production locations around the world so as to always deliver products with reliable quality. Of course, we focus on training and education, as well as sharing of technologies among locations, so as to speedily provide customers with high-quality products from any location in the world just as we do from our location in Japan.