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Global Human Resources - diversity -Global Human Resources - diversity -

"Diversity" is the term that we aim for.
To satisfy a wide range of social needs, Kurashiki Kako also has a wide array of values to provide them.

The people who provide the values are not only people, they are the "human resources" of Kurashiki Kako.
The bases of our resources to contribute to society are work-life balance and the enhancement of QOL (Quality Of Life).
As society advances, Kurashiki Kako also advances to pursue our corporate philosophy and to continue diversity in management.

Major awards and certification

January, 2015 
Kyosei Co., Ltd.* became a special subsidiary (a subsidiary which have special incentives for the employment of physically-challenged people)* Awarded the "Top 100 Company of Diversity Management Award" (2013).
September, 2013 
Awarded the chief of Okayama Labor Bureau "Equal opportunity and work-life balance promotion enterprise, Division of equal opportunity promotion enterprise."
September, 2011 
Certified as a Kurumin-accredited company as part of the policy of Development of the Next-Generation Children of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
September, 2011 
Won the Excellence Award (Family-friendly Enterprises Category) of the Chief of Okayama
Labor Bureau.
(Fig. 1) Certified as the Kurumin-accredited company as part of the policy of Development of the Next-Generation Children.
Kurashiki Kako was certified as a "Child-rearing Support Company" in accordance with the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children" established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In 2011, we became a Kurumin-accredited company as part of the policy of the Development of the Next-Generation of Children.
We proactively deal with work-life balance, because the work-life balance of employees who are currently raising children is one of the targets of our next-generation children support action plan.

Example of Work-life Balance Support System for our Human Resources

01.Work hours and days off

Employees are obliged to take paid days off!
By fulfilling the day-off system and reducing overtime, our employees can balance their work and life well.

No overtime days and an obligation to take paid days off support the a good balance between work and life. For example, our no overtime days. It is basically not allowed for employees to do overtime on Fridays, monthly pay days and bonus pay days, therefore, we encourage our employees to leave the company on time. For paid days off, all employees are obliged to take 8 paid days off by plan each year. Our target is the refreshment of employees and enhancement of productivity.

Detailed examples

Fridays, monthly pay days and bonus pay days are set to be no overtime days.
July, August and September are designated as summer regular work hour months, therefore, doing overtime is not encouraged on any weekdays, too.
Paid leave carry over system
Paid leaves will lapse if it has not been used in two years, however, such paid leave can be carried over up to 60 days for the use of sick and injury leaves, child-raising leaves and elderly care leaves.

02.Health Promotion

Excellent consultation system!
We have an excellent system to support our employees and to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health.

We have a health care room staffed by a health care nurse for day-to-day consultation.
Collaboration with an external professional medical institute as an employee assistant program (EAP).
Counseling outside of the company or counseling via e-mail is also available to provide employees with a casual consultation system.
We also provide employees with welfare programs, including a comprehensive medical examination and personal health promotion, from viewpoint of prevention.

Detailed examples

Comprehensive medical examination at the time of regular medical checkup.
Inoculation against influenza free of charge for employees.
Total health consultation (physical and mental) by in-house health nurse.
Employee assistance program by external professional medical institute (EAP program)

03.Child Support

The period of child-care leave is two years at maximum
We provide employees with total support from child birth, child care to reintegration to work by offering child-care leave combined with a shortened-work-hours period.

Nothing can be replaced with children and family.
Our employees utilize the child-care leave system and the shortened-work-hours period suitably.
We encourage our male employees to take a special leave upon the birth of their child. We also encourage them to take child-care leave, and the use of this leave is actually utilized by some employees.

Detailed examples

Special leave for childbirth of spouse (3 days)
Our policy for child-care leave is more generous than the regulations specified by law.
Until the day on which the child becomes one year old. If an applicant is eligible, child-care leave can be extended to the day on which the child becomes two years old.
Our rule of short-work-hour system is more generous than the rules specified in a law.
The work hours of employees can be shortened by two hours at maximum per day until the child finishes their first year of elementary school their sixth year of elementary school at maximum.
(For example, normal work hour: 08:00 to 17:00 -> 09:00 to 16:00)

Example of our Approach for Diversity

Gender Ratio of Employed New Graduates

Gender/Year 2014 2015 2016
Male 78% 83% 85%
Female 22% 17% 15%

Gender ratio and average years of service of employees

  Male Female
Gender ratio 87% 13%
Average years of service 20.1 years 14.3 years
As of January 1, 2016

Average Hours of Overtime

Results from 2014: 18.9 hours/mon.*

*Full-fledged employees except for managers

Annual Paid Leaves

Year 2012 2013 2014
The average number of days of leave per employee* 10.9 days 11.3 days 10.2 days
*The total number of employees including those who are not eligible for taking planned paid leaves.