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Q1. Do you any guideline for age restriction?Career Recruitment
No particular guideline for age restrictions.
We mainly focus on experience and expertise in making comprehensive decisions after checking the application documents.
Q2. Can anyone who currently works for other company apply for?Career Recruitment
Yes, we accept these people. Please contact us for details about the date that such mid-career workers can start working with us.
Q3. Can anyone apply for the position which you don't advertise currently?Career Recruitment
Please contact our personnel responsible for recruitment for details.
Q4. Please inform me of the course of application from sending an application form to preliminary decision. How long does it take to be informed of the preliminary decision?Career Recruitment
A preliminary decision on recruitment will be made after the interview process (two interviews are planned) after passing the document screening.
We normally take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to make preliminary decision.
Q5. Is it possible for me to visit you for interview after work hours or on weekends?Career Recruitment
We are pleased to hear your schedule of availability to decide the date and time of interviews.
Q6. How do you decide the work conditions such as monthly pay after joining the company.Career Recruitment
Work conditions will be determined based on the experience and expertise of mid-career employees.
Q7. What is the ratio of people who were employed as mid-career employee?Career Recruitment
As of March, 2016, 33.7% of total full-fledged employees joined the company as mid-career employees.
There was one case a mid-career employee who was promoted to become one of our directors. We don't think there is distinctive difference between mid-career employees and new graduates for career advancement after starting to work at Kurashiki Kako.
Q8. Do you provide us with support for transportation fees when we visit you for interviewing from a long distance?Miscellaneous
It depends on the nature of the application. For example, if you apply for mid-career recruitment directly from our career recruitment page and you are from an area other than Okayama prefecture, we will pay public transportation fees.
Q9. Do you ask for overtime or holiday work?Miscellaneous
We may ask employees to work overtime if it is necessary.
Kurashiki Kako deals with the improvement of the work environment proactively, including the establishment of no-overtime days and planned paid leaves.
Q10. What welfare systems do you have?Miscellaneous
In addition to the benefits you find in the application guidelines, we offer our employees a comprehensive medical examination, mental health care support (by an external specialized institute), support for meal, fees for correspondence education and books, defined-contribution pension plan system and club activities (baseball, soccer, track and field, table tennis, English conversation, etc.).
We also offer our employees a system for work-life balance, especially during child raising times. This includes a shortened-working-hour system and child-care leaves for male employees.