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Sales of industrial machinery

This is the place where I can most develop myself.
My hard work can make everybody happy.

Sales Department, Osaka Regional Office of Office of Industrial Machinery Operation Division
Entered Kurashiki Kako in 2011
Graduate of Kurashiki Commercial High School, Information Processing Course

  • Sales of industrial machinerySales of industrial machinery
  • Development of industrial machineryDevelopment of industrial machinery
  • Global ProcurementGlobal Procurement
  • Process EngineeringProcess Engineering
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
Could you tell us about your job process?
I am sales personnel in charge of vibration countermeasure products used on engines used in construction machinery, stamping machines, different types of machine tools and precision equipment. I communicate with trading companies and customers in many different fields to gather their demands and information which can be used for developing new products and make recommendations to our customers as sales activities.
Do you feel there is a gap between "what you wanted to do" before you joined this job and "meaning of your job" that you are doing now?
When I first started my job as a new employee of Kurashiki Kako, I had no knowledge of rubber or related products. Senior staff who were kind enough to teach me about my job and helped me to gain experience. Now, my self-confidence is growing higher and higher. Recently, my customers express to me their feelings of thanks when I present them with recommendations that they like to use.
What has been the most impressive job that you have experienced so far?
One of my customers who offers a country-wide sales campaign every year could not achieve their sales targets for two consecutive campaigns. After this I was assigned to help them. During the third campaign, I tried everything I could possibly do in cooperation with the customer, including joint sales activities with my boss and sales personnel of the customer throughout Japan, which included demonstrations and product sales promotion meetings. As a result, the target was achieved just before the end of campaign and we all could share in the good result.
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