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Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -

Industrial machinery Development

Customized design to resolve vibration problems of customers.

Development Section, Development Department of Office of Industrial Machinery Operation Division
Entered Kurashiki Kako in 2014
Graduate of Department of Advanced Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University

  • Sales of industrial machinerySales of industrial machinery
  • Development of industrial machineryDevelopment of industrial machinery
  • Global ProcurementGlobal Procurement
  • Process EngineeringProcess Engineering
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
Could you tell us about your job process?
I am in charge of the research and development of anti-vibration rubber for anti-vibration technology in industrial machinery as I belong to the industrial machinery anti-vibration team. Offices in each location make requests for development and design. Depending on the needs of customers, we simply select the optimal products from among those listed in our catalogs, so called standard parts. Or we design a brand new product after planning new shapes.
What is "expert or professional" to you?
An expert or professional is a human resource who can securely make progress in his/her job as a leader while working well with people around him/her.
I believe I can become closer to my image of an expert or professional by being enthusiastic about work and gaining experience and the necessary knowledge.
What has been the most impressive job that you have experienced so far?
The moment in which the products that I design passed the characteristic requirements.
When I need to design a brand new part, I have to think about many things such as the materials to be selected, strength calculations, durability, etc. Before the part is actually made, I assume the product characteristics using analytical tools and through calculation. I feel uneasy until I can check the real finished part. It is my pleasure to confirm that the part satisfies the required characteristics after completion of the design followed by repeated verification.
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