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Process Engineering

Burning feelings I had when I entered Kurashiki Kako has transformed to my "pride of monozukuri (craftsmanship)."

No.1 Engineering Section, Engineering Department of Production Division
Entered Kurashiki Kako in 2014
Graduate of Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University

  • Sales of industrial machinerySales of industrial machinery
  • Development of industrial machineryDevelopment of industrial machinery
  • Global ProcurementGlobal Procurement
  • Process EngineeringProcess Engineering
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
Could you tell us about your job process?
I am mainly in charge of the application of glue to metal parts.
I am responsible for the selection of a glue application machine and designing, ordering and trying fixtures used in the application. I am sometimes kept very busy finding quick countermeasures against trouble we experience at the production site. Now, I have some chances to join the launch of new equipment. I'm happy to be kept busy.
I often design fixtures used in the glue application station for use in our main plant. I also design fixtures for the Mexican factory, for which I am pleased. Basically, descriptions are in English, so I can utilize my English ability which I attained during my school years.
Do you feel there is a gap between "what you wanted to do" before you joined this job and "meaning of your job" that you are doing now?
There has been no change in my "burning feelings" since I entered Kurashiki Kako.
However, I feel that my strong brash enthusiasm at the time I entered the company, "I do whatever I can!," has changed as I am assigned real tangible jobs. The operation of the glue application station strongly impacts the quality of the following station, the stamping process. So, I feel proud of being part of company-wide processes to complete one product.
What has been the most impressive job that you have experienced so far?
I was so impressed to see the fixture that I designed for the first time after entry as it was exactly what I wanted to create. I had an unpleasant experience. I was very depressed to find the fixture that I designed only on the computer without concern for its convenience to users. The fixture was too heavy to use. It was bitter but good experience for me. Now, I first think about the needs of users and try to make a solid image of fixtures to be used in the shop so that I can achieve an optimal design.
Can you tell me your words to live by?