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Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -

Global Procurement Department

I Could Complete the Work that I Had Thought It Was Impossible to Finish by the End of Regular Working Hours by That Time.

Purchase Planning Section, Global Procurement of Production Division
Entered Kurashiki Kako in 2015
Majored in Law and Politics systems, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University

  • Sales of industrial machinerySales of industrial machinery
  • Development of industrial machineryDevelopment of industrial machinery
  • Global ProcurementGlobal Procurement
  • Process EngineeringProcess Engineering
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
Could you tell us about your job process?
I am responsible for the procurement of metal parts, which are one of the materials used in our products, for trial activities.
I request our suppliers for a quotation of prototype parts mainly for automotive components, and then place an order. If it is not possible for suppliers to make parts that satisfy our specifications or to deliver them on time, I need to make adjustments with many companies and departments. We mainly do business with domestic suppliers, however, we also buy some components for industrial machinery from suppliers in China.
What points of this company do you like?
The best thing that I can point out is the system that this company offers to us for a good work-life balance. I never have been asked to do unpaid overtime work, nor do I ever feel pressure not to go home. I can enjoy days off on weekends.
What has been the most impressive job that you have experienced so far?
A request from a customer for a product material change with really short notice. I had a phone call from our customer asking for a change from "aluminum to steel" late on a Friday afternoon. It normally takes about two weeks to deliver prototypes to a customer. But I was given a leadtime of only three-days. I was almost wanted to give up as I felt "It is impossible."
Amazingly, I was able to deliver the prototypes on time as I had support from senior staff around me. They even helped me negotiate with material suppliers. Besides, I could finish the work that I first thought it was impossible to finish by the end of regular work hour by that time.
Any difficult task can be completed if I have the support of my colleagues. I was deeply impressed by the support given to me by senior staff.
Can you tell me your words to live by?