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Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -Process to Deliver Product to Customers - senior staff introduction -


Experience in Opening a Factory Abroad
Deeply Impressed by the Scale of Such a Big Project

Production System Planning Section, Production Control of Production Division
Entered Kurashiki Kako in 2012 Majored in Human Information System Engineering, Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Okayama Prefectural University

  • Sales of industrial machinerySales of industrial machinery
  • Development of industrial machineryDevelopment of industrial machinery
  • Global ProcurementGlobal Procurement
  • Process EngineeringProcess Engineering
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
Could you tell us about your job process?
I am responsible for the management, planning, operation and reconstruction of production systems and to provide both domestic and overseas production locations with comprehensive support. By continuously improving production systems, the workload of production staff planning can be reduced and product accuracy can be improved. These are my targets.
My job involves many different departments. I sometimes visit subsidiaries in China, Thailand and Mexico to keep track of the current status of production planning.
What points of this company do you like?
Considering the needs of both in Mexico and Japan, think about the optimal procedures.
We can work hard to proceed with the work which I am responsible for and at the same time enjoy life with my family. My daily duty is to give my son a bath. He was born last year.
What has been the most impressive job that you have experienced so far?
The project to launch a subsidiary in Mexico, in which I joined as a member in the winter of my second year at Kurashiki Kako. As staff responsible only for planning, I was just viewing part of the overall job. However, it was necessary for me to keep track of a wide range of matters to launch a plant abroad. I remember that I was so impressed to be assigned to be a member of the project. I was able to complete my role in the large project by being responsible for the planning and development of production control systems.
I faced hard times before the launch of the plant, however, the job that I had completed is the basis of my career. It was truly an impressive project.
Can you tell me your words to live by?