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Global Human Resources - our approach to human development -Global Human Resources - our approach to human development -

To enhance capabilities and humanities of a "human resource" who is diamond in rough with potential and individuality and to stimulate the resource to be a global human resource who takes an active role in many ways and have meaningful jobs and enjoy work, Kurashiki Kako promotes a cross-functional project called the "Global Human Resource Program" to develop such resources. Through this development program, new employees will become "independent" within three years and become "full-fledged" within six years after entering Kurashiki Kako.

System for Human Resource Development (major development program)

We provide our employees with training programs appropriate for employees in each tier.

Image of Training System

Image of Training SystemImage of Training System

Examples of Programs

New Employee Training Program

Exchange between new employees and friend
employees (senior staff)
New Employee Training
The training is an opportunity to not only know about the company but also about oneself, as well as what needs to be done to work actively as a "human resource."
The members of entire company accept new employees to make them understand the rules and manners as a member of society and know about Kurashiki Kako throughout on-the-job training.
Kurashiki Kako has a system called "Friend Employee" which is a system of support provided to employees of similar ages, so that new employees can discuss any concerns and receive advice from the friend employees.


View of the KBLD group workshop
This is a company-wide training program that has been provided to employees every year since 2005.
Common name: KBLD
(Kurashiki Business Leadership Development)
(1) Management policy, target recognition and understanding, vector matching
(2) Place of cross-functional information exchange and communication
(3) Development of the leadership of employees
All of these are the targets.
All employees get together at each production location to deepen their understanding of management vision and to communicate their dreams of an ideal style of company through cross-functional group workshops.

Language Training (with the example of English conversation class)

English conversation class View of presentations
on achievements
Kurashiki Kako promotes the enhancement of employees' language skills by offering language classes.
We hold English classes on a regular basis with a native English teacher and a focus on real English conversation.
We encourage our employees to take the TOEIC test and offer the opportunity to take the test twice a year. This leads to empowerment and the brushing up of daily activities.
For those employees who are almost ready to be dispatched abroad, for example to Thailand, we will have special language training so that the employees can exercise their abilities beyond the language barrier.