Vibration isolation technology

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About Anti-vibration

"Anti-vibration" is a process that prevents vibrations created by machines and equipment (vibration sources) from being transmitted to external objects such as the floor and walls. This anti-vibration performance occurs when vibration sources, such as vibrating machines, are insulated from outside by supporting them with elastic materials.

Principles of Anti-vibration and Transmissibility of Vibration

Anti-vibration rubber mounts are used when providing vibration prevention support to vibrating machines or to precision equipment to prevent the transmission of vibrations from outside.

Fig. 1 Anti-vibration model

As shown in Figure 1., when the force transmitted to the foundation is F if the machine is supported with an anti-vibration rubber mount and the force is Fo if it is not supported with any anti-vibration rubber mount, the transmissibility of vibrations Tr can be calculated using the following formula (1).

Fig. 1 Anti-vibration model

Formula (1) Vibration transmission, Formula (2) Frequency ratio

Figure 2 shows the graph of Formula (1). If the frequency ratio is √2 (approx. 1.4) or greater, the transmissibility of vibrations will be 1 or smaller, meaning that it has a certain level of anti-vibration effect.

Fig. 2 Correlation between transmissibility of vibration and frequency ratio

Major Products

Anti-vibration rubber mount

Anti-vibration rubber mount

Selection of spring constants in 3 directions, vertical, horizontal and back and forth using 1 anti-vibration rubber mount. It features excellent internal damping performance, small vibration amplitude when resonating with equipment, etc.
It also has high contour design flexibility, therefore, it is easy to mount the anti-vibration rubber mounts by adhering metal parts.

High mounts

High mounts

These rubber mounts can be used simply by placing them on the floor to prevent vibrations, shocks and noise of machines and equipment. The adjustment of levels of hand type mounts is simple. It has excellent oil-resistance and durability as a unique rubber compound is used.

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