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Kurashiki Kako deals with research and development activities in advanced anti-vibration and rubber compound technologies day and night, in order to maintain our capability in craftsmanship for safety and reliability.

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Research & development philosophy

Our Vision

Continue the research and development innovative technologies which lead us to the creation of new businesses and products, as well as reinforcing and developing current businesses and to provide customers with new serviceable technologies on a timely basis

Our Policy

  • Perform technological research and development to provide customers with valuable and advanced suggestions.
  • Clarify the sales points of our unique technologies and innovate our technologies in alliance with automotive, industrial machinery and manufacturing departments.
  • Deal with breakthroughs in intricate technical tasks by clarifying the mechanisms of such technologies in accordance with principles.

Research & Development System, Research Centers

Research & Development Organization

A view of the new technical research and development

A view of the new technical research and development center

The "New Technology Research & Development Center" was established in 1991.
In addition to the design and development of anti-vibration rubber mounts here in this center, anti-vibration rubber mounts which are effective for improvements in quieting automotive cabins, the living comfort of buildings and sound-proofing and anti-vibration of industrial and precision machinery are uniquely developed through research using the most recent testing instruments.

Record of winning major awards

Awarded the Chugoku Region Invention and Innovation Award, Encouragement Prize for e-Stable mini active vibration isolation control technology

Nobuo Moriyasu of the Technical Research Center won the Encouragement Prize of Chugoku Region Invention and Innovation Award in 2015 as an inventor of excellent technologies and designs which greatly contribute to local industries This awarding institution sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation has been held every year since 1921, aiming for the "awarding of engineers and researchers who have created excellent inventions, innovations and/or designs." It was the first time that an engineer of Kurashiki Kako was awarded.

The award ceremony which was held on November 5, 2015 was awesome and prestigious, and the winners on the stage looked very proud of themselves. Such awarding institutes that are open to the public are extremely informative and beneficial in motivating engineers and researchers. We are determined to apply in the future too.

  • Inventor
    Nobuo Moriyasu (Chief Engineer, Advanced Technical Research Section, Technical Research Center)
  • Title of invention
    Optimized gain control unit of active vibration isolation frame (Patent# 4355536)
  • Points of invention
    The correlation of the optimal values of feedback control gain and the weight of the items to which the vibration isolation should apply are checked through experiments and a map was developed. This data was saved in media (memory) so that the appropriate settings of feedback control gain can be done based on the information of machine weight and correlation which has already been set in the aforementioned map when equipment and instruments are actually mounted on a vibration isolation frame.
  • State of use
    Desktop active vibration isolation frame [mini series]

    This vibration isolation frame is used in the isolation of vibrations of AFM laser microscopes, electronic balances, SPM microhardness meters, surface roughness meters and other precision equipment.
    The invented control technology will be installed to new mini-series to be released in November, 2015 in addition to a conventional mini-series.


Material development technology

New technology research & development