NVH test

General Outline

We set a chassis dynamo meter whose diameter is approximately 1.6 meters in the an anechoic chamber to simulate the actual running conditions of a car in order to deal with the development of products.
Our technical development is conducted by linking the characteristics of an actual car and its components, and then the other way round.

Machines and Equipment

Anechoic chamber (semi-anechoic chamber)

Wedge-shaped noise absorbing materials, which meet JIS/ISO standards, fully line the walls of this room.

  • ・Glass wool materials
  • ・SPEC 40 dB or lower

Chassis dynamo meter

Using this dynamo meter, the running state of an automobile can be repeated so that vibrations and noise can be evaluated.
Evaluation of different segments is possible, from FF/FR vehicles, mini K cars (small passenger cars in Japan with an engine displacement of 660cc), and full sized passenger cars with engine displacements up to 4000cc.

  • ・A roller whose diameter is 1.6 m.
  • ・Driving is possible up to 200 horse power and 200 Km/h at maximum.