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Kurashiki Kako Website Policy

Kurashiki Kako has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. However, the information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Kurashiki Kako does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy and reliability of the information contained on this WEBSITE. Kurashiki Kako shall take no responsibility for any inconvenience caused to viewers by viewing any page of our site.
Kurashiki Kako reserves the copyright of all the contents on this WEBSITE.
Please note that the contents, including images, on this site may be changed or deleted without the prior consent of viewers.
It is strictly prohibited to use all or part of documents on this WEBSITE without the prior approval of Kurashiki Kako. The secondary use of any part of the contents by copying, modifying, transferring, converting, sending or screening is also strictly prohibited.
The name Kurashiki Kako and its logo are registered trademarks of KURASHIKI KAKO CO., LTD.
The names of other companies and products are the registered trademarks of these respective companies.

Notice on Customer Registration

We ask customers to enter their name, their company name, e-mail address and contact telephone number when registering.
Personal information will only be used for keeping track of each customer’s use within Kurashiki Kako, and it will not be disclosed to any outside organizations.
Registered customers may receive a notice for our investigation into their state of use.
Customers who have successfully completed the registration can access their "Personal page for registered customers." A log-on number and a password will be provided to each registered customer, however, Kurashiki Kako generally prohibits customers from providing this information to any other persons.

*Please observe the precautions on using the website regarding the use of the data obtained after log-on.
*In the case that Kurashiki Kako deems the "registered customer information" to be inappropriate, or when we cannot confirm that the customer has used the service for a long period of time, we may, at its own discretion, delete the "registered customer information" without notifying the customer. In such cases, you will need to re-register in order to use the customers-only services.
*Please refer to "Our Privacy Policy" for details on our handling of personal information.

Setup of Browser

Kurashiki Kako recommends our customers to use the most recent version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. JavaScript and Cookies are used for part of the contents on our website.
JavaScript is used on each page. Therefore, some functions may not function properly or the contents may not be displayed correctly if you disable some functions of your browser. Please be sure to enable JavaScript when viewing our site. For the setting of your browser, please refer to "HELP" menu of browser you use.
We recommend that viewers select standard character size of the browser.

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The following plug-in and helper applications are used on the WEBSITE of Kurashiki Kako. If you have not installed them yet, please do so by downloading them from the following. Please note that the plug-in and helper applications may be changed without a prior notice.

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