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Many employees who have sound minds in the pursuit of One Dream.Many employees who have sound minds in the pursuit of One Dream.

People are diamond in the rough which have potential and individuality. People are valuable assets which will shine in all theaters. Message of Human Resource DepartmentMessage of Human Resource Department

Global Human Resources -Global Human Resources-Global Human Resources -Global Human Resources-

Kurashiki Kako Defines the Requirements for our Employees as Their Guideline and Stimulates the Development of Employees to Foster Valuable Human Resources who Can Utilize their Maximum Capabilities Anywhere in the World.

Introduction of Senior Staff-Senior Staff IntroductionIntroduction of Senior Staff-Senior Staff Introduction

Closing up daily activities of senior staff working in Kurashiki Kako.

Recruitment Requirements-Requirements-Recruitment Requirements-Requirements-

Please click on the following for recruitment requirements of Kurashiki Kako for Career Recruitment.

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Please feel free to contact us for company profile information and details of the screening process.

Contact information of the personnel affairs staff of Kurashiki Kako Head Office.