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Anti-vibration Frame for Fan

Anti-vibration Frame for Fan

Meeting the Requirements for Floor-mounted Type and Hanging Suspension Type by Designing the Frames based on the Equipment to be Installed

The excitation source of a fan system is axial rotational vibration caused by a fan and an electric motor. If the system is installed on the weak floor, the vibration disturbance could occur during low speed rotation.

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Example of installation

  • ・Possible to design the floor-mounted type (FBFV type) and the hanging suspension type (FBHV type).
  • ・Easy to level horizontally, since an isolator position has been adjusted.
  • ・General type: Standard-product series that can be applied to the greater number of models by making the fan mount area movable
  • ・Rust resistant finishing with the hot dip galvanized coating
  • ・General models are available for immediate delivery.
  • ・Large models are build to order