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Rectangular Anti-vibration Rubber Mounts

2-bolt type B2 type 1-bolt type B type

Suitable for Use in Studios, in Anechoic Rooms, and for Pipe Supports as It Reduces High Frequency Vibration

The rectangular anti-vibration rubber mount RK was designed mainly for use as building materials. However, due to convenience of mounting resulting from its application flexibility, it is widely applied to heavy-duty use and other usage.

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  • Suitable for Construction Components

    This is suitable for anti-vibration in studios, in anechoic rooms, for piping support and for construction components.

    A Wide Range of Use for Heavy-duty Applications

    As the support load per rubber mount is 24500N at maximum, it can be used for heavy-duty purposes further expanding its range of uses.

    Suitable for Prevention of High Frequency Vibration

    Since its spring constant is large, it can be used for large machinery and is suitable for preventing transmission of high frequency vibration.

    Wider Range of Applications Depending on Direction of Use

    • ・This rubber mount can be used both in the shearing direction and oblique direction, and is useful for reduction of low frequency vibration.
    • ・If the rubber mounts are used in two layers, the natural frequency can be set as low as 1/√2 of 1 layer.
    • ・The through hole type allows for use in different ways, for example an installation of small space and installation at a later date.

    No need for anti-seismic countermeasures

    The through hole type can be installed easily using bolts through the center hole, therefore, it can be used as an anti-seismic countermeasure.

  • *B2 type is provided with 4 hexagonal nuts and 4 spring washers. B type comes with 2 each.

    *The elastomer is natural rubber compound.

    • ・Pipe support
    • ・Hoist gear for elevator
    • ・Multistory parking garage
    • ・Engine
    • ・Machine tools
    • ・Construction frames