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Spring Mat

Spring Mat

Anti-vibration Performance far Better than That of Rubber Pads

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  • Major

    • ・Anti-vibration performance far better than that of rubber pad and easy to use
    • ・Convenient options
  • SM20C~200C



    Precautions for use

    • 1. From SM-20C to 200C, a slit can be easily made with a cutter or equivalent up to the through hole for the center. Therefore, it is easy to insert the bolt from the side even if the machine is not new.
    • 2. If the machine legs do not contact the entire surface of the spring mat, be sure to use the (optional) plate.
    • 3. If an anti-seismic countermeasure is necessary, be sure to secure with anchor bolts and mounting components of sufficient strength.
    • 4. To prevent transmission of vibration to the anchor bolts, be sure to maintain a gap between nuts and bushing.
    • ・Air conditioners
    • ・Pipe support
    • ・Various industrial machinery