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KRB Rubber Shock Absorber

KRB Rubber Shock Absorber

A Shock Cushioning Unit which Demonstrates High Energy Absorbing Performance

Hi-Buffer KRB has a cylindrical casing structure in which layers of cushioning rubber pads are accommodated. The piston presses rubber pads to absorb the collision energy.

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  • High Energy Absorbing Performance

    Unique synthetic rubber and an ideal rubber shape exhibit high performance energy absorption.

    Consistently Flexible

    Even more safer shock absorption is achieved by using an elasticity of rubber which will not be regidized by excessive loads. There is no bottoming which can be seen with hydraulic shock absorbers and metal springs.

    A Wide Range of Temperature Characteristics

    This item demonstrates excellent cushioning performance with the range between -30℃ and 80℃.

    Excellent Durability and Maintenance Free

    Since the cushioning pads are sealed in the casing, durability of rubber can be improved by avoiding potential causes of deterioration and damage, including sunlight, ozone and sand. Because of its structure, maintenance such as greasing is not necessary.

    • *KRB-100 does not come with chains, brackets or plates.
    • *KRB-125 does not come with brackets.

    • *The base plate can be matched with the KUB type. At this time, the numbers of base dimensions (A), mounting pitch (P), thickness (t), bolt hole (d) and subcomponent bolts will be changed to those described in ( ). Please note that the height (H) changes along with the thickness.
    • *Painting: Acryl-urethane resin paint, Standard color: Munsell 7.5YR7/14(In the case of custom orders, please specify the color number based on the standard paint color samples of Japan Paint Manufacturers Association)