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Spring High Mount

Spring High Mount

A compact High Mount for Press Machines.
A High Level Anti-vibration Performance. Excellent Cost Performance and Easy to Install

As the structure of this high mount is specially laid out using a disc spring-specific property, it has excellent shock absorbing and anti-vibration features in spite of its compact design.
In addition, the machine can be installed using direct supports without constructing a special foundation, therefore, yielding great cost savings for vibration prevention.

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  • Standard List

    • *If the size of the mount hole of the machine is φ35 or larger, insert a thick flat washer, □ 50 or thicker between the machine and the KSD housing.

    The Support Load and Natural Frequency of SPRING HI-MOUNT series

    Installation Procedure

    • 1. Place the spring hi-mount under the bolt hole of the machine.
    • 2. Insert the leveling bolt into the screw hole of the spring hi-mount from the top and screw it until it comes to rest on the bearing block.
    • 3. Adjust the height by screwing in the leveling bolt. The spring hi-mount will rise by doing so.
    • 4. Then, tighten the nut completely.
    • *Installation of spring hi-mounts may cause discoloration of plastic-based floors.
      Please refrain from using the spring hi-mounts if discoloration needs to be avoided.
    • ・Metalworking machinery

      Press machines (small and medium sizes), shearing machine, bender, etc.

    • ・Machine tools

      Milling machine, shaping machine, broaching machine, slotter, etc.

    • ・Industrial machinery

      Injection molding machine, roller, crusher, printing press, food processing machinery, wire rod milling machine, etc.