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Low spring constant anti-vibration rubber mounts

Low spring constant anti-vibration rubber mounts

Lighter than Conventional Products and Works well with Low-rotation Equipment.

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  • Most Suitable for Anti-vibration of Lighter Machines

    Small spring constant. Countermeasures for anti-vibration of previously difficult-to-damper lighter machines are also possible.

    A Low Natural Frequency is Realized

    Since the natural frequency can be set low, it is possible to isolate vibrations of low-speed machines.

    Most Suitable for Precision Machines

    It is possible to reduce vibration disorders of precision machines and improve the degree of measuring precision.

    Easy to Mount

    It is easy to mount to machines.

    • *Each is provided with 1 hexagonal nut and 1 spring washer.

    • *The elastomer is natural rubber compound.
    • ・Building equipment: Blower, pump, compressor, pipes, tubes, etc.
    • ・Industrial machinery: Engine, electric generator, cubicle, etc.
    • ・Measuring instrument: Vibration tester, instrument panel, etc.