CAE technology

General Outline

CAE is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Engineering which means to conduct engineering evaluations using computer technologies.

Analysis of Properties and Durability of Rubber Components

We create our own high precision product models for analysis by sampling various different rubber materials with different properties using our biaxial tensile tester.
We then conduct a load-deflection property analysis on a large deformation area in the rubber, as well as a strength analysis.
By conducting these analyses, optimal rubber shapes can be designed to meet the requirements of customers, including durability and 3-axis spring properties.

Strength Analysis of Metal Part

To secure the major load strength and durability of metal parts, we perform stress analyses of metal parts for various different stress inputs.
We also conduct natural frequency analyses for metal parts so as to achieve the excellent anti-vibration performance in the high frequency range.

Provision of Optimal Shape

Value optimization

By automating the flow of analysis, optimal shapes can be searched for from among a tremendous number of combinations of dimensions (parameters) which can never be done manually, while maintaining a minimum number of operating hours.
We will provide our customers with light weight products at reasonable prices while satisfying the strength and performance requirements of the products.

Phase optimization

This is a technique of shape design based on the packaging space presented by customers by effectively eliminating excessive portions of products in accordance to the density method to save weight.
A radical new and cost-reasonable shape design, without being captured by the paradigm, will be achieved.

Machines and Equipment

Uniaxial elongation test

Biaxial elongation tester, pure shear elongation tester

Volume elongation test