Diversity Promotion

Diversity Promotion Declaration

Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd. is working every day to realize its management philosophy of “contributing to the progress of society through vibration control technology”.
In order for each and every employee to fully demonstrate their abilities in a comfortable working environment, we believe it is necessary to realize diversity that accepts differences in individuality such as gender, age, nationality, disabilities, and values.
To this end, we have established four values: "With SINCERITY and JOY, TOGETHER IN ONE to make it BETTER," and all employees are working to realize these values in their daily work.
We hereby declare our commitment to promoting diversity in Kurashiki Kakoh, in order to recognize the diversity of all employees, make use of one’s originality, and become a company where it is easy and rewarding to work.

  1. Enhancing Diversity
    We aim to establish an environment in which the human rights of all people are respected, regardless of things such as gender, age, race, cultural differences, disability, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disease, economic status, family environment, and in which the diversity of each person is respected and their abilities can be demonstrated without discrimination.
  2. Enhancement of Work-Life Balance
    We aim to establish a work environment that allows each individual to maximize his or her abilities.
  3. Balancing Life Stages
    We will enhance our internal systems to enable employees to balance life stages such as nursing care and childcare, and to support their life and career planning.